Father of bluegrass: the early years, 1940-1947

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:ASV AJA 5298
Release Date:1999-07-20
Country:United Kingdom
   Discogs ID2696634

Song Information:

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1. Mule skinner blues
2. No letter in the mail
3. Six white horses
4. Dog house blues
5. I wonder if you feel the way I do
6. Katy Hill
7. Tennessee blues
8. Blue yodel no. 7 (Anniversary blue yodel)
9. Orange Blossom Special
10. Honky tonk swing
11. In the pines
12. Back up and push
13. Rocky road blues
14. Kentucky waltz
15. Footprints in the snow
16. Heavy traffic ahead
17. Blue moon of Kentucky
18. Toy heart
19. Mother's only sleeping
20. Blue yodel no. 4
21. Little cabin home on the hill
22. My rose of old Kentucky
23. Blue grass breakdown
24. Sweetheart, you done me wrong
25. Molly and Tenbrooks (the race horse song)