Best of the early Forbes Family

The Forbes Family

Label:Rebel CD 1120
Release Date:1994-11-30
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00000023Q

Song Information:

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1. Living in the name of love2:13
2. The old ship of Zion2:45
3. The other side of life2:29
4. Lord don't leave me here2:10
5. Just over yonder2:54
6. I need Jesus2:38
7. These are they2:28
8. Daddy I miss you at home3:00
9. Gleams of that golden morning2:52
10. Jesus I'll never forget1:41
11. More precious than gold2:25
12. In my robe of white2:36
13. In the valley He restoreth my soul3:12
14. The prettiest flowers will be blooming2:44
15. Sleeping in the grave4:13
16. Come unto me2:27
17. Gloryland3:30
18. Feel like my time ain't long2:13