Across the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Lost & Found

Label:Rebel CD 1121
Release Date:1996-01-30
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1996-05 ID: 4723002
   Amazon ASIN: B00000023R
   Google Play: Bdlzbybqnpq7yvmgjcd66ongzti

Song Information:

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1. The man who wrote home sweet home2:55
2. Nobody loves me2:35
3. Rodeo cowboy2:08
4. My home's across the Blue Ridge Mountains2:47
5. Rabbit song2:10
6. Leavin' you and Mobile too2:44
7. Drifting with the tide2:31
8. Sun's gonna shine in my back door some day2:25
9. Colder and colder3:05
10. Your love is dying2:16
11. Rain3:27
12. Dream softly my love2:40
13. Southern train2:25
14. Southbound2:39
15. Why do you weep dear willow3:32
16. Don't let your deal go down2:06