The cat came back

Bill Harrell & the Virginians

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1742
Release Date:1998-03-03
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-06
   Amazon ASIN: B000005YV4

Song Information:

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1. The cat came back3:38
2. Hobo Bill's last ride2:38
3. Look at me and tell me2:59
4. Trouble in mind2:49
5. Little Maggie3:05
6. Soldier's last letter4:10
7. Tennessee border2:29
8. The baggage coach ahead2:50
9. This danged old town2:18
10. It makes no difference now2:06
11. The blizzard3:36
12. Aren't you glad to be saved2:54