I believe in the old-time way

Traditional Grass

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1708
Release Date:1993
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1993-11
County Sales:#193
   Amazon ASIN: B000000289

Song Information:

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1. I believe in the old-time way
Composer:Charlie Moore-Bill Napier; Ft. Knox/Trio, BMI
2. I'll not be a stranger
Composer:James B. Singleton; Stamps Quartet Music, BMI
3. A Gospel light
Composer:Gerald Evans, Jr.; CMR Publishing, BMI
4. The messenger bell
Composer:William J. Mullins-Gary Carpenter; Down Street Music, BMI
5. Life beyond death
Composer:M. Montgomery-E. Montgomery; Glad Music, BMI
6. Take up the cross
Composer:William A. McKinney; Jeffness Music, SESAC
7. Praise God, I'm ready to go
Composer:Charlie Moore-Bill Napier; Ft. Knox/Trio, BMI
8. Family altar
Composer:Don Reno-Red Smiley; Ft. Knox/Trio, BMI
9. You'll be rewarded over there
Composer:Ira & Charlie Louvin; Acuff-Rose-Opryland, BMI
10. My loved ones are waiting for me
Composer:Paul Mullins; Down Street Music, BMI
11. The music of my memories
Composer:Charles M. Rader, CMR Publishing, BMI
12. Give me your hand
Composer:Traditional, P. D.
13. Eastern Gate
Composer:I. G. Martin; Lillemas Pub., SESAC
14. Elijah
Composer:Gerald Evans, Jr.-Rick May; CMR Publishing, BMI