Carolina memories


Label:Rebel REB-CD 1722
Release Date:1995-10-24
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1996-07

Song Information:

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13. Better farther on
12. She thinks that I still care
Composer:Dickey Lee
11. Let the mermaids flirt with me
Composer:John S. Hurt
10. I'll take the blame
Composer:Carter Stanley
9. Greenville trestle high
Composer:J. Jett
8. Over the edge
Composer:Steve Lewis
7. I'll never take his place
Composer:Scott Freeman
6. Gathering in the sky
Composer:Wayne Raney
5. Robin D
Composer:Willard Gayheart
4. Carolina memories
Composer:Randy Greer
3. Warning sign
Composer:Scott Freeman-Rick Allred
2. Orphan train
Composer:Jimmy Trivette
1. Anger and tears
Composer:Russell Smith-Carol Chase