Hand hewn

Dry Branch Fire Squad

Label:Rounder 0466
Release Date:2001
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-08
County Sales:#244

Song Information:

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15. Lonesome road blues2:08
14. Papa's billy goat2:27
13. I'll live again2:22
12. Midnight, the unconquered outlaw4:10
11. Two coats3:41
10. The cuckoo is a pretty bird3:22
9. Black lung2:31
8. Sailor's return4:00
7. While roving on last winter's night3:19
6. Willy Brennan5:26
5. Atlanta is burning4:07
4. Nazeer, Nazeer3:02
3. I can go to them2:28
2. I saw a man at the close of the day3:36
1. Angelina baker2:44