Orange Blossom Special

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 4903
Release Date:1992-03-06
Country:United States
   Amazon ASINB0000010QO

Song Information:

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1. Orange Blossom SpecialOsborne Brothers
2. Salty dog bluesBenny Martin & Josh Graves
3. Secret loveBenny Martin & Buddy Spicher
4. Black and white ragJohnny Gimble
5. Tyler's tuitionKenny Baker, Josh Graves, Eddie Adcock, Jesse McReynolds
6. Life in the Finland woodsBenny Martin & Buddy Spicher
7. Beautiful dreamerBenny Martin
8. Two in the morningLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
9. Devil's dreamJoe Maphis & Fiddlin' Red Herron
10. Draggin' the bowJohnny Gimble
11. Rocky FordKenny Baker, Josh Graves, Eddie Adcock, Jesse McReynolds
12. Hornpipe medleyBuddy Spicher
13. Crafton bluesJohnny Gimble
14. Flower of MexicoJohnny Gimble
15. Black eyed SuzyLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
16. Over the rainbowBenny Martin & Buddy Spicher