The legends of bluegrass. Vol. 1

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 3901
Release Date:1992-03-06
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000SH3QBK

Song Information:

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1. Georgia mules & country boysOsborne Brothers
2. RememberingCrossroads
3. Muleskinner bluesBenny Martin
4. Who's gonna hold you when I'm goneBenny Martin
5. Orange Blossom SpecialJoe Maphis
6. Little MaggieJosh Graves
7. I'm rollin' onCarl Story & His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet
8. Goin' up Cripple CreekLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
9. Buck CreekCarl Story & His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet
10. Wabash CannonballBenny Martin
11. Billy boyJones Brothers & the Log Cabin Boys
12. Dixie flyerLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
13. Wreck of the old '97Mac Wiseman & the Shenandoah Cutups
14. Lone goneDon Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups 2:25
Recording Date:1976
Composer:D. Reno
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Bill Harrell-g; Don Reno-bj; Dale Reno-m; Buck Ryan-f; Clay Smith-g; Arthur Smith-g/db; Ed Ferris-sb
15. Conversation with a muleArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
16. Soldier's joyThe Stonemans