The original dueling banjos

Various artists

Label:CMH CMH-C 8045
Release Date:2000-05-09
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Feudin' banjos (the original Dueling banjos)Don Reno 2:30
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-2. Thank God I'm a country boyNashville Superpickers 2:19
Composer:Johnny Martin Sommers
A-3. Redeliverance (Blackberry rag)Don Reno & Arthur Smith 2:24
Composer:Arthur Smith-Don Reno
A-4. Pennsylvania polkaDon Reno & Arthur Smith 2:28
Composer:L. Lee-Z. Manners
A-5. Down that last lonesome highwayDon Reno 3:03
Composer:M. Christian
A-6. The times they are a-changin'David West & Richard Greene 2:28
Composer:Bob Dylan
A-7. Bye and byeArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith 2:25
Composer:M. Christian
A-8. Twelve strings ragArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & Benny Martin 1:36
Composer:L. McCauliff
A-9. Under the silv'ry moonArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & Benny Martin 1:48
Composer:M. Christian
A-10. Fortunate sonDavid West 3:56
Composer:John Fogerty
B-1. ChickenDon Reno & Arthur Smith 2:49
Composer:Arthur Smith
B-2. Twelfth Street ragDon Reno & Arthur Smith 2:10
Composer:A. Razal-E. L. Bowman
B-3. Down in DixieArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & Benny Martin 2:18
Composer:M. Christian
B-4. Memphis five stringDon Reno & Arthur Smith 2:32
Composer:Arthur Smith
B-5. PromisesNashville Superpickers 3:04
Composer:R. G. Feldman-C. R. Linn
B-6. Nova Scotia sleigh rideDon Reno 2:37
Composer:M. Christian
B-7. Mountaineer's farewellDon Reno 2:57
Composer:Don Reno
B-8. Wildflower guitarArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & Benny Martin 1:53
Composer:M. Christian
B-9. Little footprints in the snowArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith 2:22
Composer:M. Christian
B-10. Dueling banjosArthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith 2:04
Composer:Arthur Smith