Pickin' on Shania Twain : an instrumental country tribute

CMH Studio Band

Label:CMH CD 8534
Release Date:2001-03-06
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Whose bed have your boots been under3:50
2. You win my love3:19
3. Love gets me every time3:26
4. You're still the one3:01
5. Dance with the one that brought you2:24
6. The woman in me (needs the man in you)4:16
7. That don't impress me much3:29
8. If you're not in it for love (I'm outta here)3:39
9. Any man of mine2:39
10. What made you say that2:55
11. Honey, I'm home3:18
12. From this moment on3:20