Always in style: a collection

John Duffey

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 3926
Release Date:2000-10-31
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-12
County Sales:#244 ID: 4149264
   Amazon ASIN: B00004Z3V3
   Google Play: Bprsn2lpoof7axzsxyxyp6dtpsq

Song Information:

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1. Let me be your friendSeldom Scene 2:45
Composer:C. Stanley; A.P.R.S., BMI
2. Long black veilSeldom Scene 4:12
Composer:M. Wilkins. D. Dill; Cedarwood, BMI
3. The old hometownSeldom Scene 2:38
Composer:L. Flatt; Peer Int., BMI
4. Tennessee bluesSeldom Scene 3:14
Composer:B. Monroe; Unichappel Music, BMI
5. Rose of old KentuckySeldom Scene 2:53
Composer:B. Monroe; Unichappel Music, BMI
6. Walk through this world with meSeldom Scene 2:39
Composer:Savage-Seamons; Glad Music, BMI
7. Philadelphia lawyerSeldom Scene 3:26
Composer:W. Guthrie; Michael H. Goldsen, ASCAP
8. Were you thereSeldom Scene 3:18
Composer:Trad., arr. J. Duffey
9. Say won't you be mineCountry Gentlemen 2:42
Composer:C. Stanley; Fort Knox Music/Trio Music, BMI
10. Willie RoySeldom Scene 4:38
Composer:D. Williams; Acuff-Rose Music, BMI
11. I haven't got the right to love youSeldom Scene 2:25
Composer:S. Buchanan-V. Claude; Acuff-Rose Music, BMI
12. After midnightSeldom Scene 4:47
Composer:J. J. Cale; Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp., BMI
13. The boatmanSeldom Scene 3:34
Composer:R. Hylton; Paul Craft, BMI
14. They're at rest togetherSeldom Scene 2:55
Composer:Trad., arr. J. Duffey
15. Pictures from life's other sideSeldom Scene 4:30
Composer:Trad., arr. J. Duffey
16. Hickory wind4:00
Composer:G. Parsons-B. Buchanan; Wait and See Music, BMI
17. She's more to be pitiedSeldom Scene 3:01
Composer:R. Rakes; Trio Music/Ft. Knox Music, BMI
18. Here today and gone tomorrowCountry Gentlemen 3:25
Composer:W. Fowler; Songs of Polygram, BMI
19. Let old Mother Nature have her waySeldom Scene 3:07
Composer:L. Southerland-L. Clark; Peer Int., BMI
20. Girl in the nightSeldom Scene 3:52
Composer:H. Thompson; Brazos Valley Music, BMI
21. Life is like a mountain railwaySeldom Scene 3:36
Composer:Trad., arr. J. Duffey-M. Auldridge