Brush Arbor 2

Brush Arbor

Label:Capitol ST 11209
Release Date:1973-09
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Alone again (naturally)2:58
Composer:Gilbert O'Sullivan
A-2. Now that it's over2:33
Composer:B. Blakey, D. Agajanian
A-3. What's your mama's name, child2:26
Composer:D. Frazier, E. Montgomery
A-4. Song to Mary Anne2:47
Composer:Ken Munds
A-5. Nobody knows2:13
Composer:R. Dillard, M. Jayne
B-1. We need rain2:57
Composer:Ken Munds
B-2. Washington County1:50
Composer:Arlo Guthrie
B-3. Home again3:29
Composer:Ken Munds
B-4. Cotton Jenny2:40
Composer:Gordon Lightfoot
B-5. House of gold2:45
Composer:Hank Williams