Passing through

Warrior River Boys

Label:Old Homestead OHCD 4004
Release Date:1997
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-04

Song Information:

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1-1. You're no good
1-2. Singing waterfall
1-3. Highway of sorrow
1-4. How can you do this to me
1-5. Remember the cross
1-6. I'm coming back but I don't know when
1-7. Walk softly
1-8. Rocky Mountain sweetheart
1-9. Six feet under the ground
2-1. Passin' through
2-2. My blue-eyed darling
2-3. Wagon wheel
2-4. Walls of time
2-5. East Tennessee blues
2-6. My Louisiana love
2-7. Orange Blossom Special
2-8. Florida blues
2-9. Black Mountain rag