I see God : a retrospective of Larry's greatest Gospel recordings

Larry Stephenson

Label:Webco WEB 0152
Release Date:1994-03-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. In the garden3:05
2. Yes I see God3:05
3. The next time you see me2:41
4. Over in the Gloryland2:09
5. Hymn from way back home2:40
6. Goin' up1:54
7. On the wings of an angel3:44
8. He was waiting at the altar2:20
9. The Son shines down on me3:27
10. Where the soul of man never dies3:05
11. Take my hand precious Lord3:32
12. Help thy brother2:42
13. Jesus hears, He cares, He can3:38
14. When the roll is called up yonder3:35