Every time I sing a love song

Larry Stephenson

Label:Webco WEB 0126
Release Date:1992
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. I'm in love all over3:26
Composer:Don King-J.D. Martin
2. The violet and a rose4:15
Composer:Mel Tillis-Bud Auge-John Reinfield
3. Rain please go away2:38
Composer:Del McCoury
4. Many hills of time4:04
Composer:Pete Goble-Leroy Drumm
5. Loving you so long now3:24
6. I should've called3:12
Composer:Eddy Raven
7. Everytime I sing a love song4:02
Composer:G. Skleron-P. Molinary
8. Restless blue eyed lover2:51
Composer:Pete Goble-Leroy Drumm
9. You'll always be my baby3:31
Composer:Larry Stephenson
10. Rhythm of the rain2:37
Composer:John Gummce
11. Yes, I see God3:03
Composer:Dorothy Jo Hope