Charlie Lawson's still

The Mark Newton Band

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1773
Release Date:2001-08-28
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-01
County Sales:#248 ID: 5257658
   Amazon ASIN: B00005NWK4

Song Information:

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1. Charlie Lawson's still2:55
2. It ain't happened yet3:40
3. Got leavin' on her mind2:13
4. Can't you please help me up3:25
5. Southern skies3:24
6. Down in the cold ground3:38
7. Roy Lee4:32
8. Lost3:17
9. Blue moonshiner3:09
10. Somebody loves you darling3:43
11. Lonesome pine3:26
12. I'll cross over Jordan someday4:00