Bill Evans plays banjo

Bill Evans

Label:Native & Fine 906-3
Release Date:2001
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-12
County Sales:#248
   Amazon ASIN: B004U8M8Z8
   Google Play: B7iafybravpreucbb7ielfn2dou

Song Information:

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1. Petersburg gal3:35
2. Germaine's dream3:12
3. Kobe blues4:15
4. Meadows of Dan4:13
5. Corey's slide4:04
6. Catching the dickens4:24
7. New black eyed Suzie3:39
8. Raising the beams3:07
9. When she smiles5:40
10. Leaving Owensboro4:23
11. Lonesome polka1:27
12. Granite chief3:05
13. Heavy traffic ahead2:49
Vocals:Don Rigsby-V