Banjo Paris session #2

Various artists

Label:Cezame CEZ 1041

Song Information:

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A-1. Mr. Glubo2:15
Composer:Jean Marie Redon
A-2. Blue moon of Kentucky2:46
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-3. John Henry2:45
A-4. Sitting on top of the world3:02
Composer:Lonnie Carter, Walter Jacob
A-5. Footprints in the snow2:44
Composer:Miller Elliot
A-6. Truck drivin' Mike2:30
Composer:Mike Lilly
B-1. Old home place2:48
Composer:Dean Webb, Mitch Jayne
B-2. Old Joe Clark2:14
B-3. She's no angel1:59
Composer:W. Ballaman, J. Arnold
B-4. Ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone1:50
Composer:McAuliffe, Taylor
B-5. Don't cheat in our home town2:15
Composer:Pennington, Marcom
B-6. Hot mandolin No. 17Christian S?guret 2:15
Composer:Christian Seguret