Adams County banjo

Tom Adams

Label:Rounder C 0312
Release Date:2001-10-23
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-03
County Sales:#249
   Discogs ID3408475
   Amazon ASINB00005OW6G

Song Information:

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1. Ginny Whitt's2:47
2. Box elder beetles4:13
3. Funky mountain special3:14
4. Sawmill special1:41
5. Three sailors from Dublin1:48
6. Farmer John2:51
7. John Henry2:29
8. Santa Cruz3:18
9. Worried man blues1:23
10. The village bear3:17
11. Brushy Creek2:23
12. Alice Chickabee2:47
13. Lowlands of Holland2:42
14. Swing low, sweet chariot1:45
15. Lock, stock and barrel2:38