Shelton special

Allen Shelton

Label:Rounder 0088
Release Date:2001-08-28
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-02

Song Information:

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1. Banjo bounce2:36
Composer:Allen Shelton
2. Lady of Spain1:50
Composer:Evan, Damerell, Reaves
3. Shelton special1:59
Composer:Allen Shelton
4. Crazy arms2:31
Composer:Ralph Mooney-Chas. Seals
5. Ridgerunner2:32
Composer:Jesse McReynolds
6. Bully of the towj2:48
7. Silver bells2:48
8. Sourwood mountain0:30
9. Five foot two, eyes of blue2:57
Composer:Henderson-Lewis, Young
10. Green, green grass of home2:42
Composer:Curly Putman
11. Birth of the blues2:18
Composer:Henderson, DeSylva, Brown-Chappell
12. I don't love nobody2:40
13. Sweet Georgia Brown2:20
Composer:Ben Bernie, Kent Casey
14. Bye bye blues2:11
Composer:Ham, Bennett, Lown, Grey