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The Sauceman Brothers

Label:Copper Creek CCCD 0124
Release Date:1995
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1995-11

Song Information:

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1. Theme and introduction
2. I'm not worth your tears
3. Asheville
4. It's glory for me
5. No letter in the mail
6. This side of Heaven
7. Anywhere is home
8. Down the road
9. Jimmy Brown the newsboy
10. Fire on the mountain
11. Closing theme
12. Theme and introduction
13. Alcatraz Island blues
14. I love you until I am dizzy
15. Katy Hill
16. Shine on me
17. Darling Corey
18. Bluegrass breakdown
19. I am a pilgrim
20. Rabbit in a log
21. Working on a building
22. Cotton-eyed Joe
23. Closing theme