On radio. Vol. 3

Blue Sky Boys

Label:Copper Creek CCCD 0145
Release Date:1997
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-06

Song Information:

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1. Danced all night with a bottle in my hand
2. When the roses bloom again
3. Death is only a dream
4. Lorena
5. Let the lower lights be burning
6. Devil's dream
7. Answer to the Prisoner's dream
8. I have found the way
9. Turkey in the straw
10. When my blue moon turns to gold
11. On the sunny side of life
12. Cacklin' hen
13. Little gal, I trusted you too long
14. Heaven holds all to me
15. Fire on the mountain
16. Yellow rose of Texas
17. Just one way to the gate
18. Soldier's joy
19. Bring back my blue-eyed boy to me
20. Farther along