Jimmie Skinner sings bluegrass

Jimmie Skinner

Label:Crosscut CR 1001
Release Date:199-?
Country:United States
County Sales:#246

Song Information:

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20. Drifting and dreaming
19. Little Nora
18. Time won't erase my worried mind
17. Chain of broken hearts
16. Walkin' out of your life
15. Midnight special
14. Going down the road feeling bad
13. Rolling stone
12. Lonesome railroad man
11. I'm a free little bird
10. I'll railroad no more
9. Door of my heart
8. Short life of trouble
7. Letter edged in black
6. I'll bet you my heart that you're mine
5. A lot more time to go
4. You'll never worry my mind
3. Dear old mother
2. Blueridge Mountain blues
1. In the pines