20 blue grass fiddlin' banjo hits

Various artists

Label:Country Music Legends CML 4
Release Date:1980
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Low down BillyScotty Stoneman
A-2. Talkin' fiddlin' bluesScotty Stoneman
A-3. Ole Joe ClarkScotty Stoneman
A-4. Party TimeBill Emerson
A-5. Fire on the mountainScotty Stoneman
A-6. Billy in the low groundScotty Stoneman
A-7. 8th of JanuaryScotty Stoneman
A-8. Baby SueBill Emerson
A-9. Runnin' wildBill Emerson
A-10. Banjo pickin' timeBill Emerson
B-1. Cacklin' henScotty Stoneman
B-2. Feelin' badBill Emerson
B-3. Wildwood flowerScotty Stoneman
B-4. Ole Joe ClarkBill Emerson
B-5. Weepin' willowBill Emerson
B-6. Orange blossom hoedownScotty Stoneman
B-7. The Mocking birdScotty Stoneman
B-8. String timeBill Emerson
B-9. HoneysuckleBill Emerson
B-10. Lonesome road bluesBill Emerson