Country favorite waltzes

Tater Tate

Label:Rural Rhythm RRCT 213
Release Date:1968
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-10. Three o'clock in the morning2:03
B-9. Eleanor waltz2:12
B-8. Ring waltz1:32
B-7. Rainbow waltz2:34
B-6. The Golden fiddle waltz1:42
B-5. Irene waltz2:25
B-4. Nova Lee waltz1:48
B-3. Marion waltz2:20
B-2. The Sunny waltz1:30
B-1. Aldora waltz2:11
A-10. Merry go round waltz1:45
A-9. Memories waltz1:41
A-8. Green Valley waltz1:18
A-7. Anniversary waltz2:40
A-6. Our last waltz1:25
A-5. Saturday night waltz2:15
A-4. Blue bonnet waltz1:20
A-3. Virginia girl waltz3:07
A-2. Blue Mountain waltz2:08
A-1. Life in the Finland woods2:34