At the Ryman

Emmylou Harris

Label:Reprise 26664-2
Release Date:1992-01-14
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1992-07

Song Information:

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1. Guitar town2:13
Composer:Steve Earle
2. Half as much2:13
3. Cattle call2:52
4. Guess things happen that way2:01
5. Hard times3:10
6. Mansion on the hill3:46
7. Scotland2:18
8. Montana cowgirl2:45
9. Like strangers3:46
10. Lodi2:48
11. Calling my children home2:49
12. If I could be there3:09
13. Walls of time4:31
14. Get up John2:54
15. It's a hard life wherever you go6:47
16. Abraham, Martin and John
17. Smoke along the track3:25