The Alison Brown Quartet

Alison Brown Quartet

Label:Vanguard VHD 79486-2
Release Date:1996
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1996-09 ID: 8386324
   Google Play: Bkgrigefwssdpto7p3cnc76uzkm

Song Information:

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1. G bop3:10
2. The red balloon2:56
3. My favorite Marsha3:57
4. Mambo banjo3:47
5. Without Anastasia3:12
6. Song of Monterrey4:53
7. Minding Rupert3:19
8. The wonderful sea voyage (of Holy St. Brendan)4:06
9. Hello Mendocino!4:00
10. The day sweeps back3:13