New England bluegrass

Banjo Dan & the Mid-Nite Plowboys

Label:Greener Pastures GPR 003
Release Date:1990
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1991-06
   Amazon ASIN: B000008D7A

Song Information:

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1. Katy Hill
2. High on the mountain
3. Old Devil's dream
4. When we're gone, long gone
5. Mighty dark to travel
6. Some broken hearts never mend
7. Yukon Jack
8. Montana cowboy
9. So far alone
10. Hey, hey, hey
11. Dusty boxcar wall
12. Little cabin home in the snow
13. Karelia
14. Crossing the Caucasus
15. Up on a mountain
16. Shine hallelujah
17. Two o'clock
18. Night rider's lament
19. Say, won't you be mine