Mountain soul

Patty Loveless

Label:Epic EK 85651
Release Date:2001-06-26
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-01
County Sales:#246

Song Information:

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1. The boys are back in town2:34
2. The richest fool alive3:21
3. Daniel prayed2:45
4. Someone I used to know2:15
5. Out of control raging fire3:32
6. Rise up Lazarus2:22
7. Cheap whiskey3:41
8. Pretty little miss2:40
9. I know you're married (but I love you still)2:56
10. Sorrowful angels3:57
11. Soul of constant sorrow3:04
12. You'll never leave Harlan alive6:05
13. Two coats3:17
14. Sounds of loneliness3:48