Flatt on Victor plus more

Lester Flatt

Label:Bear Family BCD 15975
Release Date:1999-12-14
BG Unlimited:2001-01
County Sales:#248
   Amazon ASIN: B00003L2WL

Song Information:

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A-1. I've heard the wind blow before
A-2. Passing through
A-3. I'll never understand
A-4. Man of constant sorrow
A-5. Take me home to momma
A-6. Before you die
A-7. Shut your face, I'm talking to your head
A-8. Walk slow
A-9. I'll figure my loss
A-10. Don't get above your raisin'
A-11. I think of you
A-12. Girl from the north country
A-13. I want to come home to you
A-14. Walk right in
A-15. Cotton fields
A-16. Foggy Mountain breakdown
A-17. Sing a little baby to sleep
A-18. Rainy day women #12 & 35
B-1. Highway 41
B-2. Walkin' the railroad tracks
B-3. Great big woman
B-4. I live the life of Riley
B-5. I been walkin'
B-6. Aiken, South Carolina
B-7. Regina
B-8. Lil' Dave
B-9. Mississippi flood
B-10. Don't wake me
B-11. Ten years of heartaches
B-12. Before I met you
B-13. Maiden's prayer
B-14. Lookin' for a break
B-15. Vic's ride
B-16. Reuben James
B-17. See Rudy fall
B-18. Rainbow of my dreams
B-19. She belongs to me