Steam powered aereo-takes

John Hartford

Label:Rounder 0480
Release Date:2002-01-22
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Where the old Red River flows3:05
2. Ruff and ready1:50
3. Blame it on Joann3:09
4. The vamp from back in the Goodle days4:38
5. Emanuel can't1:41
6. Bad music (is better than no music at all)4:30
7. Dig a hole4:11
8. Presbyterian guitar2:00
9. Strange old man1:37
10. Lady Jane2:39
11. Oasis3:28
12. Because of you1:08
13. Morning bugle3:25
14. John Henry1:41
15. Doin' my time3:02
16. Keep on truckin'2:42
17. Don't ever take your eyes off the game, babe3:26
18. Howard Hughes blues2:11