Thirty years of farming

James King

Label:Rounder 0490
Release Date:2002-02-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-07
County Sales:#253

Song Information:

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13. Play us a waltz4:17
12. Whoopin' it3:20
11. I overlooked an orchid2:45
10. Days of grey and black2:50
9. Color of the blues2:55
8. A faded rose, a broken heart2:34
7. Here today and gone tomorrow4:15
6. Toil, tears and trouble2:39
5. Flame in my heart2:36
4. Roy Lee3:31
3. Heartbreak express2:32
2. I don't see what I once saw3:55
1. Thirty years of farming4:29