Songs of tragedy and disaster

Howard Vokes

Label:King SD 5122-2
Release Date:2000-11-21
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-04
   Amazon ASIN: B000055ZE9

Song Information:

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1. Don't make me go to bed and I'll be good4:19
2. Mama please stay home with me3:48
3. Put my little shoes away2:51
4. A child without a name2:55
5. Willie Roy, the crippled boy2:41
6. Old Shep3:18
7. The death of little Kathy Fiscus2:32
8. Miner's fate2:33
9. The sinking of the Titanic2:57
10. Tragedy of Chicago3:17
11. Tomorrow is my last day3:09
12. Death on the highway2:04
13. His last ride2:33
14. Yellow tomb3:27
15. Cyclone of Rycove1:57
16. Engineer's last ride3:11