Stanley blues

Ralph Stanley II

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1775
Release Date:2002-02-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-05
County Sales:#256 ID: 10577709

Song Information:

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1. Stanley blues2:01
Composer:Ralph Stanley II
2. We'll be sweethearts in Heaven2:24
Composer:Carter Stanley
3. When they free me from these chains2:29
Composer:Steve Sparkman
4. Daddy's dinner bucket3:31
5. Ruby, don't take your love to town2:35
Composer:Mel Tillis
6. Ship gone astray2:24
Composer:Jim Mills
7. Jealousy2:31
Composer:Candace Randolph-Ralph Stanley
8. Homeward bound2:40
9. Taylor Brooke3:16
Composer:Ralph Stanley II
10. Keep my love with you3:02
Composer:Ralph Stanley
11. Tennessee truck driving man2:14
Composer:Ralph Stanley
12. Four horsemen4:56
Composer:Ralph Stanley