Family tradition : the Stoneman legacy

The Stoneman Family

Label:CMH CD 8626
Release Date:2002-02-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-05
   Amazon ASIN: B00005Y1MA

Song Information:

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1. Watermelon on the vine2:40
2. Under the double eagle1:47
3. Muleskinner blues3:44
4. Wreck of the old '972:40
5. Little old log cabin in the lane2:44
6. Blue Ridge Mountain blues2:03
7. Cripple creek2:18
8. Let's all go down to the river1:57
9. Soldier's joy2:06
10. I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes2;05
11. Whippoorwill song2:13
12. Tecumseh Valley3:26
13. Old Joe Clark2:22
14. Little Maggie2:48
15. Tupelo County jail2:03
16. I washed my face in the morning dew3:15
17. Steel guitar rag3:11
18. Life's railway to Heaven3:46
19. Orange Blossom Special3:33
20. Mama don't allow2:56