Kroger country music festival : special 38th birthday edition of Grand Ole Opry

Various artists

Label:Starday SLP 274
Release Date:1964
Country:United States ID: 4235412

Song Information:

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A-3. Lee highway swingChubby Wise
A-6. Orange Blossom SpecialBenny Martin
A-7. Rosebuds and youBenny Martin
B-3. Girl in the blue velvet bandHylo Brown
Recording Date:1963-10-31
Place:Kroger Country Music Festival
Instruments:Frank 'Hylo' Brown-g; Claude J. 'Jackie' Phelps-g; Benny Edward Martin-f; other personnel not known
Vocals:F. Brown-L
B-5. Southern moonBashful Brother Oswald
B-6. Dark hollowJimmie Skinner