Bluegrass music at it's best : recorded at the 2nd Annual Ole Time Fiddlers Convention at Lithia, Va

Various artists

Label:Harvey's HR 013
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Florida bluesLost & Found
A-2. Baptism of Jessie TaylorBuddy Pendleton
A-3. California cotton fieldsGuy Ferguson
A-4. Ole Joe ClarkDavid Sturgell & the Mountaineers
A-5. Where I'm boundClinton King & the Virginia Mountaineers
A-6. Mississippi sawyerHogback String Band
A-7. I wish you knewThe Conner Brothers & the Floyd County Boys
A-8. Bill CheatumBlue Grass Express (Virginia)
B-1. Orange Blossom SpecialThe Roanoke River Boys
B-2. House of goldLittle George & the Hill City Cutups
B-3. Little Liza JaneBuddy Pendleton & the Highlanders
B-4. I thought I heard you call my nameClinton King & the Virginia Mountaineers
B-5. Lonesome road bluesThe Dreadful Snakes
B-6. Homebrew feverThe Roanoke River Boys
B-7. Gray eagleThe Conner Brothers & the Floyd County Boys