Bluegrass on campus. Vol. 1

Various artists

Label:Outlet O 1000
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Listen to the mocking birdJimmy Edmonds 2:03
A-2. Eastbound trainPaul 'Moon' Mullins 2:18
A-3. Cannonball bluesCarl Scott 0:53
A-4. Little darling pal of minePete Gulliams & the Country Buddies 2:45
A-5. McKinnleyTed Prilliman 1:50
A-6. MedleyBlue Grass Express (Virginia) 2:40
A-7. Leather britchesPercy Bradner 1:05
A-8. Old Kentucky mountain homeCecil Hall & Old Dominion 3:18
B-1. Bringing Mary homeRoger Handy & the New Grass Express 3:25
B-2. Coal miner's daughterConnie Saul 3:37
B-3. Bill CheatumJ. A. Midkiff 2:15
B-4. Rosewood casketKermit Ferguson 1:20
B-5. Big countryPaul Dalton & the Bluegrass Buddies 3:25
B-6. Dixie breakdownHigh Country Boys 2:35