Popstars Image Files Naming Convention

There are mainly three different categories:

For pictures with only one celebrity, the format should follows:


The first # are to use distigush between two celebrities in the case where the last name and both first letter of the two initials happen to be the same. This digit ranges from 0 to 9.
The second digit is the count. The order is as follows:

    1,2,...,9,a0,a1,a2,...,a9,aa,ab,...,az,b0,b1,b2,...,b9,ba,bb,....,zz (last one)

For example

    Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wingcheung-kw01.gif
    Andy Lau Tak-Wahlau-tw01.gif
    Au Yeung Pui Sangauyeung-ps01.gif
    Chu Yanchu-y01.gif

For pictures with more than one celebrity, the format should follows:

    m1f3-#.gif where m1 == 1 male, f3 == 3 females, which indicates there are one male and three female popstars in a GIF.
    f2-#.gif where there are 2 female popstars in a GIF.
    *note: If the number of any sex exceeds 9, then stars01.gif will be used.

The # is used for the count. However, the order is similar to the one before:

    01,02,...,09,0a,0b,...,0z,10,11,12,...,19,1a,1b,...,1z,.....,9z (last one)

For pictures of a band:

    XXXXXX## where X is a maximum 6-character abbreviation of the band name, # is the number. The numbering scheme will be the same as the more-than-1-celebrity convention.

    Note that this convention only applies to pictures of the whole band, a subset of the whole band but at least two members are in a picture. If more than one band are in a picture as object and all the people in the picture are band members, use the following:


Fran Kan (wskan@oakland.edu)
Last Updated: Jan 9, 1997