Last updated: March 17th, 1997

Mar 17, 1997
Yes! Sunsite finally get back to normal. The server is up and down last 2 weeks and I could not upload the pictures at all. Anyway, there are more pictures of Christy Chung and Gigi Lai, contributed by Leong Chee Oon, Andy Wu and Maggie DN. Eka Putra contributed a very nice picture of Joey Wong (or Wang). Wrong Fei-Rob shared with us a few pictures of Pang Tan and Donald Chow. Stay tune for more pictures this Friday.
Feb 28, 1997
This is a very busy week for me. I tried my best to add the 32 pictures to HKPA.Popstars. You'll find half of the pictures are Christy Chung's pictures contributed by Leong Chee Onn and Andy Wu. There is one picture of Brigette Lam from Eka Putra. And the rest of them are pictures of Gigi Lai, the leading female actress from Young and Dangerous series (jbJ), contributed by Maggie DN. Thanks for the pictures!!
Feb 21, 1997
To the right, you can see Sammi Cheng in concert with her "red-rose" costume. Don't forget to check out her "Nike" eye-brow. There are 90 pictures added this week, including pictures of Christy Chung, Gigi Lai, Athena Chu, Gigi Leung, Jimmy Lam(Lin) and many others. I would like to express my deep appreciation to Maggie DN, Leong Chee Onn and Vonny for their contributions.
Feb 18, 1997
Dear HKPA.Popstars readers:
Welcome to the new design for HKPA.Popstars. In the future, you can find out what have been added to our site here. I'll try my best to update this every week. I hope you all enjoy HKPA.Popstars.

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