"During the 40 years the Hot Nuts have been together, changes in personnel have been on the average. Doug, John and Tommy are the three remaining original members of the group. Doug and John have been together since its first beginning. Tommy Goldston has been with the group since 1958 taking over on piano replacing Thomas Booth and doing a good job with the vocals. Prince Taylor, one of the members of the original "Tops" began with the group in 1959 when Ralph was given a leave of absence. After Ralph's return, Prince began singing with another group but returned to become a permanent member, although he has been in and out for several reasons.

The original music of the Hot Nuts is a product of the joint efforts on the part of all of the members; the lyrics are often adlibbed and have provided audiences with wit and humor unabashed by sophistication and unrestrained by set patterns or scores. Doug Clark has combined musical talent, creativity, and a hell-of-a-sense of humor to bring to his public not only good rock'n roll but also a brand of wit, and that is unequalled anywhere. Let's hope that we never see Doug and his boys fettered in tuxedos (or in chains; they get a little rowdy every now and then) and that they will remain the same insincere, wild group they are, for their services to the uninitiated and the initiated alike are second only to their musical ability, and their humor is guaranteed to make TWO OLD MAIDS laugh. If you are the least bit prudish or puritanical, you will not like the "Hot Nuts" albums nor will you enjoy their performances, so you might as well not waste your money on them; if on the other hand, you are like millions of others who know how to laugh and don't blush too easily, then waste your money on some good bawdy music and fancy talkin."

(text above is an excerpt from an informational book constructed by the Hot Nuts)