Appendix A
Army Air Forces Units in Hawaii on 7 December 1941*

Hickam Field:

Hawaiian Air Force, Hq & Hq Squadron

18th Bombardment Wing (Heavy), Hq & Hq Squadron

17th Air Base Group, Hq & Hq Squadron

2d Signal Service Battalion
5th Chemical Company, Service, Aviation
12th Signal Platoon (Air Base) 13th Quartermaster Truck Company, Aviation
18th Signal Section, Hq
39th Quartermaster Company (Light Maintenance), Aviation

* List of units assigned compiled from the following sources: "Administrative History of Headquarters Seventh Air Force from 1916 to May 1944," pages 14-18, dated 1 August 1944; list of units serving in Hawaiian Air Force on 7 December 1941, Charles W. Aresta, The Hawaiian Military Insignia Collectors and Study Group, December 1984; Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, World War II, edited by Maurer Maurer, Office of Air Force History, 1982; personal accounts of 7 December 1941 survivors during visits to the 15th Air Base Wing History Office, February 1982 to present.


53d Signal Maintenance Company
324th Signal Company, Air Wing
328th Signal Company, Aviation
407th Signal Company, Aviation
428th Signal Maintenance Company, Aviation
481st Ordnance Company, Aviation
482d Ordnance Company, Aviation
740th Ordnance Company, Aviation
Detachment Finance Department, Hickam Field
Detachment Medical Department, Hickam Field
Quartermaster Detachment Hawaiian Department, Hickam Field = Formerly 259th Quartermaster Company (Air Base)
Attached Chaplain, Hickam Field

Wheeler Field:

14th Pursuit Wing, Hq & Hq Squadron

18th Air Base Group, Hq & Hq Squadron

14th Quartermaster Truck Company, Aviation
45th Signal Platoon (Air Base)
307th Signal Company (Air Wing)
674th Ordnance Company, Aviation
696th Ordnance Company, Aviation
741st Ordnance Company, Aviation
Detachment 39th Quartermaster Company (Light Maintenance)
Detachment Finance Department, Wheeler Field
Detachment Medical Department, Wheeler Field
Quartermaster Detachment Hawaiian Department, Wheeler Field = Formerly 258th Quartermaster Company (Air Base)
Attached Chaplain, Wheeler Field


Bellows Field:

86th Observation Squadron = Redesignated 43d Reconnaissance Squadron (Long Range, Photographic), 16 June 1945
Detachment Finance Department, Bellows Field
Detachment Medical Department, Bellows Field
Hawaiian Air Force Casual Detachment
Headquarters Detachment, Bellows Field
Quartermaster Detachment Hawaiian Department, Bellows Field


NOTE: The 38th and 88th Reconnaissance Squadrons, although not stationed in Hawaii, had the misfortune of arriving in the middle of the Japanese attack. Sixteen of their B-17s were scheduled to leave Hamilton Field, California, the preceding evening on the first leg of a flight from the United States to the Philippines; three failed to take off, one had to turn back early in the flight, and the twelve remaining aircraft landed at various locations on Oahu.


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