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Official Publications

Air Service News Letter
Annual Reports of the Chief, Materiel Division, Air Corps
Annual Reports of the Chief of the Air Corps

Contain some data on developments in respect to flexible gunnery, 1917-1940.

AAF Central Files [Cited AAG]

353 Gunnery Training
353A Gunnery Training
353A Training
353E Training
353.9A Training, General
353.9B1 Training, General
353.9B2 Training, General
353.9C1 Training; General
353.9C2 Training, General
353.9D1 Training, General
353.9E Training, General
353.9F Training, General
353.9G Training; General
413.6A Miscellaneous Trainers
413.6B Miscellaneous Trainers
472 Aerial Gunnery Trainers
452.1A Martin Bombers
452.1G Curtiss Planes

These files contain official information on all phases of flexible gunnery training. There is voluminous material in 353 and 353 Air Gunnery Training, Relationships between the Army and Navy concerning equipment constitute the central threads of 472, Aerial Gunnery Trainers, and 413.6A and 413.63, Miscellaneous Trainers.

Headquarters AAF Offices Files

AC/AS, Training, Flexible Gunnery Division

353 Gunnery, General Reports
Report, Training Conference, Headquarters, Army Air Forces Training Command, Fort Worth, Tex., 10-12 January 1944


Conference Report of Flexible Gunnery Gun Camera Training Committee, 10 February 1944.
Report of Flexible Gunnery Training Conference held at Headquarters, Third Air Force, Tampa, Fla., 12-14 April 1944.
Minutes of the AAF Training and Gunnery Conference, 31 July-2 August 1944, Headquarters, Fourth Air Force, San Francisco

Reflect reactions to the training program. The minutes of the San Francisco conference record the discussion by air force combat representatives of gunnery instruction as demonstrated in the theaters of action.

Chart. Indicates composition of combat crews.

Col. Robert A. Gardner, 11 September 1944; 14, 15 February 1945
Lt. Col. W. L. Clark, 9 January 1945
Maj. Thanes V. Hart, 11 January 1945

Help to clarify points not covered in written sources.

AC/AS, Materiel and Services

Report, Capt. Edward Elliott, Jr., Armament Branch, Materiel Command, to Chief, Armament Branch, 22 July 1942

Maj. Edward Elliott, Jr., 11 September 1944

Supplies significant information on remote turret control.

AC/AS, Intelligence, Historical Division

AAF Historical Studies: No. 5. Individual Training of Bombardiers, May 1944

Explains connection of bombardier training with the flexible gunnery program.


Report of Flying Training Students through the Month of September
Statistical Control, Management Control Section, Training Command
Monthly Progress Reports, Training Command

Daily Diaries
AAF Training Command) Flexible Gunnery Division, AC/AS, Training

Useful summaries of the progress of developments.

Project Book of the Commanding General, Flying Training Command

Indicates the bi-weekly status of all phases of training and points out anticipated changes in training programs.

Programs of Instruction (T. O. Memorandums)

Very helpful in indicating changes in emphasis upon phases Of flexible gunnery instruction.

Unit Histories (Archives)

History of the Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School, Las Vegas Army Air Field, 1 January 1939-1 January 1944
History of Harlingen Army Air Field, 1 May 1941-1 March 1944
History of Buckingham Army Air Field, Installment 1
History of Army Air Forces Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, 1 Jan 1939-31 December 1942
Kingman Army Air Field, Period of Establishment to 31 December 1942
Laredo Army Air Field, 12 August 1942 to January 1943
Eastern Flying Training Command, 7 December 1941-31 January 1943
Central Flying Training Command, 1 January-31 December 1943
Army Air Forces Proving Ground Command

Information on the origin and establishment of flexible gunnery schools and on some of the problems that arose during the evolution of the gunnery program.


The Signal Corps and Air Service: A Study of their Expansion in the United States, Washington, 1922

Has useful material of a general nature on training during World. War I.


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