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AAB Army Air Base
AAF Army Air Field; Army Air Forces
AAG Air Adjutant General /former custodian of AAF Central Files
AC/AS Assistant Chief of Air Staff
AC/S Assistant Chief of Staff
ACTTC Air Corps Technical Training Command
AF Air Force
AFACT AC/AS, Training
AFAMC Materiel Command
AFASO Air Service Command
AFCETC Central Flying Training Command
AFDMR Director of Military Requirements
AFEFTC Eastern Flying Training Command
AFFTC Flying Training Command
AFPMP Military Personnel Division
AFRAD Director of Air Defense
AFBBS Director of Base Services
AFRDB Director of Bombardment
AFRIT Director of Individual Training
AFS Advanced Flying School
AFTAI Air Inspector
AFTRC Training Command
AFTTC Technical Training Command
AFWFTC Western Flying Training Command
Asst. Assistant

Br. Branch

C/AC Chief of the Air Corps
C/AS Chief of the Air Staff
CFGIS Central Flexible Gunnery Instructors School
CG Commanding General
CO Commanding Officer

DC/AS Deputy Chief of the Air Staff
Dept. Department
Div. Division

Exec. Executive

FGS Flexible Gunnery School


GCACTC Gulf Coast Air Corps Training Center
GCAFTC Gulf Coast Air Force Training Center

Hq. Headquarters

MID Military Intelligence Division
MMD Materiel, Maintenance, and Distribution
MS Materiel and Services

OCAC Office of the Chief of the Air Corps
OC&R Operations, Commitments, and Requirements
OTU Operational Training Unit

R&R Routing and Record Sheet
RTU Replacement Training Unit

SEAFTC Southeast Air Corps Training Center
SEAFTC Southeast Air Force Training Center
Sec. Section

TAD Training Aids Division
T. C. Memo Training Command Memorandum
T&O Training and Operations

WCACTC West Coast Air Corps Training Center
WCAFTC West Coast Air Force Training Center
WDC Western Defense Command


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