For more than fifty years I have studied the theories, applications, and debates on strategic air warfare. These studies, rooted in personal commitments and experiences, are the basis of this memoir. Certain books and official histories, however, were of great assistance in recalling the context, circumstances, and specific dates in a war fought four decades ago. Two sets of official analytical works were invaluable: Wesley F. Craven and James L. Cate, editors, The Army Air Forces in World War II, 7 volumes (Chicago, 1948-1958), Reprint Edition, (Washington: 1984); and United States Strategic Bombing Survey: European Survey, 208 Reports (Washington: September-October 1945), and Pacific Survey, 108 Reports (Washington: June-July 1946). In addition, for this memoir I drew upon my two earlier published works: The Air Plan That Defeated Hitler (Atlanta, Ga: 1972) and Strategic Air War Against Japan (Maxwell Air Force Base: 1980). Other books and periodicals which were of assistance are cited below.

Additional Works

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