Appendix I
The War Agencies of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government

[Status as of Dec. 31, 1945]

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Advisory Board on Just Compensation (WSA)

Alaska War Council

American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas

Anglo-American Caribbean Commission

Army Specialist Corps

Board of Economic Warfare

Board of War Communications

British-American Joint Patent Interchange Committee


Cargoes, Inc., (FEA)

Censorship Policy Board

Central Administrative Services (OEM)

Civil Air Patrol (OCD)

Civilian Production Administration

Coal Mines Administration (Interior)

Colonial Mica Corporation

Combined Chiefs of Staff--United States and Great Britain

Combined Food Board

Combined Production and Resources Board

Combined Raw Materials Board


Combined Shipping Adjustment Board

Committee for Congested Production Areas

Committee on Fair Employment Practice

Committee on Physical Fitness (FSA)

Committee on Records of War Administration

Coordinator of Government Films

Coordinator of Information

Copper Recovery Corporation (RFC--Metals Reserve)

Defense Communications Board

Defense Homes Corporation (NHA)

Defense Housing Coordinator (NDAC)


Defense Plant Corporation (RFC)

Defense Resources Committee

Defense Supplies Corporation (RFC)

Division of Defense Aid Reports (OEM)

Division of Defense Housing Coordination (OEM)

Division of Information (OEM)

Economic Defense Board

Food Distribution Administration (Agriculture)

Food Production Administration (Agriculture)

Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FCC)

Foreign Economic Administration (OEM)


Foreign Funds Control (Treasury)

Government Information Service (Budget)

Institute of Inter-American Affairs (OIAA)

Institute of Inter-American Transportation (OIAA)

Inter-American Defense Board

Inter-American Educational Foundation, Inc., (OIAA)

Inter-American Financial and Economic Advisory Committee

Inter-American Navigation Corporation (OIAA)

Interdepartmental Committee for Coordination of Foreign and Domestic Military Purchases

Interdepartmental Committee to Consider Cases of Subversive Activities on the Part of Federal Employees

Interdepartmental Committee for the Voluntary Pay-Roll Savings Plan for the Purchase of War Bonds


Interim International Information Service (State)

Interim Research and Intelligence Service (State)

Joint Aircraft Committee

Joint Brazil-United States Defense Commission

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint Contract Termination Board

Joint Economic Committees--United States and Canada

Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission

Joint War Production Committee--United States and Canada

Management Labor Policy Committee (Labor)

Material Coordinating Committee--United States and Canada

Medal for Merit Board

Metals Reserve Company (RFC)

Munitions Assignment Board


National Defense Advisory Commission

National Defense Mediation Board

National Housing Agency (OEM)

National Inventor's Council

National Munitions Control Board

National Patent Planning Commission (Commerce)

National Railway Labor Panel (National Mediation Board)

National Roster of Scientific and Specialized Personnel (Labor)

National Wage Stabilization Board (Labor)


National War Labor Board

Office for Agricultural War Relations

Office for Coordination of National Defense Purchases (NDAC)

Office for Emergency Management

Office of Agricultural Defense Relations

Office of Alien Property Custodian (OEM)

Office of Army-Navy Liquidation Commissioner

Office of Censorship

Office of Civilian Defense (OEM)

Office of Community War Services (FSA)

Office of Contract Settlement (OWMR)

Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs


Office of Defense Health and Welfare Service

Office of Defense Transportation (OEM)

Office of Economic Stabilization

Office of Economic Warfare

Office of Export Control

Office of Facts and Figures

Office of Fishery Coordination (Interior)

Office of Government Reports

Office of Inter-American Affairs

Office of Lend-Lease Administration (OEM)

Office of Merchant Ship Control (Coast Guard)

Office of Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense


Office of Price Administration

Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply (OEM)

Office of Production Management (OEM)

Office of Production Research and Development (WPB)

Office of Scientific Research and Development (OEM)

Office of Solid Fuels Coordinator for National Defense

Office of Stabilization Administration (OWMR)

Office of Strategic Service

Office of Surplus Property (Commerce)

Office of War Information (OEM)


Office of War Mobilization

Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion

Pacific War Council

Petroleum Administration for War

Petroleum Reserves Corporation (RFC)

Prencinradio, Inc. (OIAA)

President's Committee on Deferment of Federal Employees

President's Committee on War Relief Agencies

President's Soviet Protocol Committee

President's War Relief Control Board

Priorities Board (NDAC)

Publications Board (OWMR)


Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Retraining and Reemployment Administration (Labor)

Rubber Development Corporation

Rubber Reserve Company (RFC)

Salary Stabilization Unit (Treasury)

Selective Service System

Ships, Inc.

Shipbuilding Stabilization Committee (Labor)

Smaller War Plants Corporation


Solid Fuels Administration for War (Interior)

Southwestern Power Administration (Interior)

Steel Recovery Corporation (RFC--Metals Reserve)

Supply Priorities and Allocations Board (OEM)

Surplus Property Administration (OWMR)

Surplus Property Board (OWMR)

Surplus War Property Administration (OWM)

United States Commercial Company (RFC)

United States of America Typhus Commission

Wage Adjustment Board for the Construction Industry (Labor)

War Assets Corporation (RFC)


War Ballots Commission

War Contracts price Adjustment Board

War Damage Corporation (RFC)

War Emergency Pipe Lines, Inc. (RFC)

War Food Administration (Agriculture)

War Forwarding Corporation (WSA)

War Hemp Industries, Inc., (Agriculture)

War Insurance Corporation (RFC)

War Manpower Commission (OEM)

War Materials, Inc. (RFC)

War Production Board (OEM)


War Refugee Board

War Relocation Authority (Interior)

War Resources Board (ANMB)

War Resources Council (Interior)

War Shipping Administration (OEM)


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