Appendix III
List of Abbreviations

AAA Agricultural Adjustment Agency.
ANMB Joint Army and Navy Munitions Board.
APUC Area Production Urgency Committee.
ASF Army Service Forces
BEW Board of Economic Warfare
CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
CIAA Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.
CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations
CMP Controlled Materials Plan.
COI Coordinator of Information.
CPA Civilian Production Administration.
CSP Controlled Scheduling Plan.
EDB Economic Defense Board.
EPCA Emergency Price Control Act.
FDA Food Distribution Administration.
FEA Foreign Economic Administration.
FEPC Committee on Fair Employment Practice.
FPA Food Production Administration.
FSA Federal Security Agency.
GMPR General Maximum Price Regulation.
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission.
IMP Industrial Mobilization Plan.
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff.
NDAC National Defense Advisory Commission.
NDMB National Defense Mediation Board.
NHA National Housing Agency.
NWLB National War Labor Board.
OADR Office of Agricultural Defense Relations.
OCD Office of Civilian Defense.
ODT Office of Defense Transportation.
OEM Office for Emergency Management.
OES Office of Economic Stabilization.
OFEC Office of Foreign Economic Coordination.
OFF Office of Facts and Figures.
OFRRO Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations.
OGR Office of Government Reports.
OLLA Office of Lend-Lease Administration.
OPA Office of Price Administration.
OPACS Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply.
OPC Office of Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense (War).
OPM Office for Production Management.
ORD Office of Rubber Director.
OWI Office of War Information.
OWM Office of War Mobilization.
OWMR Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion.
PAW Petroleum Administrator for War.
PRP Production Requirements Plan.
PUC Production Urgency Committee.
RFC Reconstruction Finance Corporation.
SOS Services of Supply.
SPAB Supply Priorities and Allocation Board.
SWPA Surplus War Property Administration.
SWPC Smaller War Plants Corporation.
UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
USCC United States Commercial Company (RFC).
USES United States Employment Service.
WLB War Labor Board.
WMC War Manpower Commission.
WSA War Shipping Administration.

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