General Accounts
British Military Administration in the Far East, 1943-1946 [(Official U.K.) History of the Second World War]

Diplomatic/Political Documents Pre-war diplomatic exchanges, declarations of war, policy statements, surrender documents
Sino-Japanese War: 1931-1941 Events of the Sino-Japanese war, from the occupation of Manchuria up to U.S. entry in December 1941
Sino-Japanese War: 1942-1945 Events of the war in China, from U.S. entry until the end of the war
The War in French Indo-China Events in Laos, Cambodia, Tonkin, Annam, and Cochin China from the Fall of France to the end of the war
Burma: The Retreat The British retreat thru Burma in 1942
The Defense of India The defense of India, including the siege of Imphal and Kohima
The Counter-Attack The Allied counter-attack to drive the Japanese from Burma
The "Hump" The air campaign from India: Supplying the Chinese & bombing the Japanese

Diplomatic Documents

Sino-Japanese War: 1931-1941

Sino-Japanese War: 1942-1945

The "World War"

The War in French Indo-China

Burma: The Retreat

The Defense of India

Burma: The Counter-Attack

Flying the "Hump" -- The Air Campaigns in CBI

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