21 April 1944


Serial 00144


  1. The rapid build-up of our forces on the far shore after the assault is vital to the success of the operation. Every effort must be made to clear promptly all ships and craft engaged in the shuttle service in order that the build-up and maintenance of our forces will be adequate.
  2. The general scale of build-up for the total forces, British and U.S., is as follows:
    1. Two first build-up divisions, preloaded in M.T. ships and coasters, a British division from the Thames and a U.S. division from the Bristol Channel, to arrive, half on the second tide of D+1 day, and half on the first tide of D+2 day.
    2. To land, by an immediate return and second trip of major landing craft assigned to the shuttle service, further combat units so that the maximum force that can be operationally fit will be in France by D+3 day.
    3. A sustained movement from D+3 onwards so that an initial build-up of 26 to 30 divisions will be terminated about D+12 day.
    4. A further build-up of 3 to 5 divisions per month which will consist of follow-up formations fro the U.K. and U.S. This phase cannot be planned for at present.

    The initial build-up is equally divided as between the British and U.S. forces and the distribution of the means will be made on this basis.

  3. The build-up will be obtained in personnel ships, landing craft, M.T. ships and coasters, and stores coasters which after the initial trip will shuttle to and from the U.K. Ports to the west of SOUTHAMPTON will handle U.S. troops and equipment. The port of SOUTHAMPTON will be joint British/U.S. and POOLE will be used jointly for stores.
  4. The Assault Force Commanders, and later the Far Shore Shuttle Control under NCWTF will be responsible for the turn-round of shipping off U.S. beaches OMAHA and UTAH. In the U.K. the turn-round will be effected by a naval organization known as TURCO. This organization will distribute returning shipping to loading ports to conform to the build-up plan controlled by a joint organization known as BUCO. A Local TURCO will be established at each loading port on the level of Flag or Naval Officer-in-Charge. This local organization will service and assemble returning craft, load and sail them for the assault beaches. Commander Service Force will, by representatives in appropriate local TURCO, arrange for the turn-round of the ships and craft of the U.S. Naval forces.
  5. "ON-13 - Instructions for the Build-up" gives the responsibility and instructions for the sailing and return of build-up convoys, and methods of designation and signals to be made. Detailed orders for the discharge of shipping on arrival off the far shore will be given by the Assault Force Commanders and later FOWEST through the far shore Shuttle Control. Keep CTF-127 informed of return sailings of U.S. Naval vessels and craft.

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  1. Appendices to this Annex are as follows:
  2. Appendix 1 - Initial Convoy Program.
    Appendix 2 - Return Sailings.
    Appendix 43 - Build-up Schedule of Arrivals.
    Appendix 4 - Craft and Barges Allocated for the Ferry Service.

    1. ON 9 and ON 10 give the orders for the initial return of landing ships and craft fro the assault areas. It will be the aim to reload as many LCT as possible without delay and to sail them again with a second lift. This will necessitate a similar program for a number of LCI(L). Thereafter, a regular number of LCT, LCI(L) and LST are planned to sail twice daily so as to give a steady reinforcement of men and vehicles to our forces.
    2. Naval Commander Assault Force "O" will sail ships and craft of Assault Force "O" and Follow-up Force "B" and Naval Commander Assault Force "U" will sail ships and craft of Assault Force "U" in accordance with the following paragraphs.
    3. Where the U.S. group is shown it corresponds with the British flotilla for organization of major landing craft, i.e. the U.S. group normally consists of 2 divisions of 6 ships or craft each, 12 in all.
  3. LST

    1. LST will be returned to ports in the U.K. as follows:
      Far Shore
      1st tide Forces "O" and "U" --
      2nd tide Forces "O" and "B" Force "U"
      3rd tide ½ Forces "U" and "B" ½ Forces "U" and "B"

      Thereafter U.S. LST in the shuttle service will be returned as follows:

      1. in FCN convoys: 6 to ISLE OF WIGHT, 8 to PORTLAND
      2. in FPL convoys: 5 to ISLE OF WIGHT, 8 to PORTLAND
    2. LST will load mainly between PORTLAND and PORTSMOUTH inclusive. BRIXHAM may be used, if required. As LST are ships and therefore self-supporting, it is not essential that they should work in groups. Nevertheless it is desirable that so far as possible, LST should run to and from the same ports as follows:
    3. PORTLAND - Force "B" (BRIXHAM as necessary)
      SOUTHAMPTON and PORTSMOUTH - Forces "O" and "U"

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    LCT(3) and (4)

    1. The following loading program for the U.S. sector is to be carried out by LCT on D+1 day. The forces which will provide the craft are shown in brackets.
    2. PORT A.M. P.M.
      SOUTHAMPTON 40(G) 22(L)
      STANSWOOD 12(G) 12(L)
      POOLE 9(U) --
      PORTLAND 23(U) 17(B)
      TOTAL 84 51

    3. After discharging, LCT(3) and (4) are to be formed by Assault Force Commanders into groups which are to be sailed with the accompanying LCI(L) to the ports indicated below:
    4. 10 of Force "U" to POOLE, remainder of Force "U" plus all Force "B" to PORTLAND.

      Delays in forming groups of LCT cannot be accepted and Assault Force Commanders are to sail LCT without necessarily waiting for the accompanying LCI(L).

    5. To enable the sustained movement program to be met, the following allocation of Flotillas to Collecting Areas is to take place immediately before the craft return from their second trip. The necessary instructions for this are to be give by the Force Commanders concerned:
    6. 11 Flotillas of Force S to GILKICKER Collecting Area.
      7 Flotillas of Force J to GILKICKER Collecting Area.
      5 Flotillas of Force L to CALSHOT Collecting Area.
      2 Flotillas of Force G to CALSHOT Collecting Area.
      2 Flotillas of Force J to CALSHOT Collecting Area.
      6 Flotillas of Force B to PORTLAND Collecting Area.
      3 Flotillas of Force U to PORTLAND Collecting Area.
      9 Flotillas of Force G to PORTLAND Collecting Area.

      Force Commanders are to inform C-in-C PORTSMOUTH, of the Flotillas detailed to work from each Collecting Area, and these LCT Flotillas are to return to that Area after their second trip to FRANCE.

    7. From D+3 onwards the following number of LCT will be required to sail for the U.S. sector:
    8. AREA A.M. P.M.
      CALSHOT 12 12
      PORTLAND 24 24

      LCT will be accompanied by LCI(L) to carry the surplus marching personnel of the vehicles embarked when this is necessary.

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    1. LCI(L) will be required to sail in greater numbers on D+1 day because of the increased LCT sailings on that day. The following loading program is scheduled for D+1 day:
    2. PORT A.M. P.M. SECTOR
      NEWHAVEN 1 1 BR.
      PORTSMOUTH 14 10 BR.
      SOUTHAMPTON 9 4 U.S.
      LYMINGTON 2 1 U.S.
      PORTLAND  6   3  U.S.
      TOTALS 32 19  

    3. LCI(L) are to return to the APA and LSI of their force as soon as possible after disembarking their troops to embark and land further troops. On completion of this duty, or before, if it is found that enough LCI(L) are available to clear APA and LSI, Assault Force Commanders are to sail the following LCI(L) to the ports indicated:
    4. Force "U" - 23 to CALSHOT

      Force "O" & "B" - 26 to PORTLAND

      Assault Force Commanders are to retain the following LCI(L) and LCH for employment in the build-up:

      Force "O" - 4 LCH, 4 LCI(L)

      Force "U" - 2 LCH, 2 LCI(L)

      All the remaining U.S. LCI(L) are to be retained until - (1) LCH are released by Assault Group Commanders - (2) Dumb barges have been beached. Then those remaining in excess are to be sailed to PORTLAND.

    5. The daily sailings for the sustained movement will be:
      NEWHAVEN -- 17 BR.
      PORTSMOUTH 6 7 BR.
      LYMINGTON 3 -- U.S.
      PORTLAND 6 -- U.S.

      A - with LCT groups.

      B - with LCI(L) groups.

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    1. The following is the general intention regarding the discharge of shipping during the build-up:
      1. LST will be discharged by Rhino Ferries, LCT(5) and (6), but when tidal and beach conditions permit they will discharge direct to shore.
      2. MT ships and coasters will be discharged by:
      3. a. LCT(5) and (6)
        b. LCM(3)
        c. Rhino Ferries, where not requires for LST. MT coasters may also beach.

      4. Stores coasters will be discharged by LBV(2), DUKW, LCM and LCVP, and also when required by beaching.
      5. Personnel ships will be discharged by LCI(L), LCM, and LCVP as convenient.

    2. Discharge times for the build-up have been planned as follows, and these must be kept if possible:
    3. Personnel ships 1½ to 6 hours
      MT ships 1 day
      MT coasters ½ day
      Stores coasters (small) 1 day
      Stores coasters (medium) 1½ days
      Stores coasters (large A) 2½ days
      Stores coasters (large B) 4 days
      Stores ships 8 days

    4. Ferry craft use normal cruising speeds. (See ON 14, par. 41).
  1. All of the ferry craft will not be available immediately for the ferry service. Some will be lifted and some towed, while others will be required to proceed across channel under their own power.
  2. The general intention for the provision of ferry craft in the assault area is as follows:

    1. LCT(5) and (6) remain after assault. Reorganized to provide equal distribution between U.S. and British sectors.
    2. Rhino-ferries towed by LST to arrive on first and second tide of D-day.
    3. LCM(3) will have to proceed under their own power or be towed. Twenty will be lifted in LSD.
    4. LBV(2) proceed under own power.
    5. LCVP and DUKW lifted in landing ships and craft.

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  1. The general allocation between beaches "OMAHA" and "UTAH" for ferry craft is 2/3 and 1/3 respectively. The final disposition of these craft will have to be made between the Assault Force Commanders as it will be dependent on actual arrivals on the far shore. See ON 14, para. 42 for marking of ferry craft.
  2. Approximately 9 groups or flotillas of LCT(5) and (6) must be transferred to the ferry service off the British beaches by dusk or D-day. The actual number will be dependent upon the survivors but as the British have but 2 flotillas of these craft in assault the distribution should be made with this in mind. Craft will be organized into flotillas and groups by the Assault Force Commanders to effect this transfer as follows:
  3. Force "O" to "G" - 4½ U.S. Groups

    Force "U" to "J" - 1 U.S. Group

    Force "U" to "J" - 1½ flotillas (Br. manned)

    Force "U" to "S" - 2 flotillas (Br. manned)

    These LCT will, on apprising the British area after transfer fly the appropriate International Code Letter indicating the Sector, (and thus the Force) for which they are destined.

    Some readjustment may be required between Assault Force "O" and "U".

  4. All 6-davit LST will leave 4 LCVP each in the assault area. It is intended that all LCA, LCVP, LCM(3), and LCP(L) (non-smokers) which take part in the initial assault be hoisted and depart with their parent ship or craft. All LCS(S) and LCP(L) smokers are to be left in the assault area, reporting to NOIC OMAHA or NOIC UTAH as appropriate. LCM(3) carried in LSD will remain in the Assault Area.

    1. The towing during the build-up will consist mainly of the necessary elements for the construction of the U.S. MULBERRY and GOOSEBERRY installations, and tugs and other towing vessels will be assigned by ANCXF fro a common pool to accomplish the minimum requirement as laid down in paragraph 5 of Appendix XVI of Operation "NEPTUNE" - Naval Plan.
    2. Items to be towed to captured ports are listed below:
    3. 24 Salvage Pontoons.

      The dates for these tows are indeterminate and tugs are not yet earmarked for this purpose.

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  No. of Copies   No. of Copies
CinC Portsmouth (2) RNO Llanelly (2)
CinC Plymouth (2) NOIC Swansea (2)
TURCO (2) NOIC Barry (2)
NOIC Poole (2) NOIC Cardiff (2)
FOIC Portland (2) RNO Penzance (2)
RNO Teignmouth (2) (2)
RNO Brixham (2) NOIC Omaha (6)
NOIC Dartmouth (2) NOIC Utah (6)
RNO Salcombe (2) Shuttle Control (2)
RNO Fowey (2) Commander, Ferry Service (12)
FOIC Falmouth (2) CO Mulberry A (6)


Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy,
Naval Commander Western Task Force.


Flag Secretary.

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Convoy Leave Date Approximate
Escort Join Arrive FRANCE (except where otherwise stated) Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
12 EBC 2 BRISTOL CHANNEL D-1 32 M.T. Coasters
7 Stores Coasters
137th EG

144th EG - 2 Trawlers
EBC 2W D+2 Preloaded U.S. build-up division. Plus stores coasters not berthed in ISLE OF WIGHT Area.
13 EBM 2 BRISTOL CHANNEL D-1 21 M.T. ships
9 empty M.T. ships
5 misc. ships
105th E.G.

+ 3 corvettes
  D+1 2 empty ships to FALMOUTH, 1 to PLYMOUTH, 6 to SOUTHAMPTON. Preloaded U.S. build-up division and misc. ships for FRANCE.
3 misc. ships
141st EG
2 Trawlers to START POINT, then 2 M.L.
Preloaded U.S. build-up division.
15 EBP 1 BRISTOL CHANNEL D-1 4 personnel ships
2 misc. ships
111th EG   D+1 Preloaded U.S. build-up division and depot ships for FRANCE.
18 EBP 2 BRISTOL CHANNEL D 5 personnel ships
3 misc. ships
113th EG and
112th EG
  D+2 Preloaded U.S. build-up division and misc. ships for FRANCE.
23 EWC 1A SPITHEAD A.M. D 18 stores coasters
8 B.D. vessels
6 eagle ships
1 A.S.I.S.
4 CORNCOB tugs
136th EG
+ 2 trawlers
  D+1 Preloaded stores coasters, mooring group A, etc.

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Convoy Leave Date Approximate
Escort Join Arrive FRANCE (except where otherwise stated) Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
25* EBC 3 BRISTOL CHANNEL D 15 stores coasters
3 empty M.T. ships
3 A.S.I.S.
138th EG

114th EG joins after assault
EBC 3W D+3 2 M.T. ships to FALMOUTH, 1 to PLYMOUTH. 5 small coasters (arrivals in FRANCE D+5) break off to ISLE OF WIGHT Area for servicing. (Total in convoy to FRANCE - 22 ships).
1 A.S.I.S. to FRANCE.
27A EPL 1 PORTLAND D+2 4 LST 123rd EG EPL 1W P.M. D+2 --
27B EPL 1W SOLENT D+2 7 LST Same as EPL 1 EPL 1 P.M. D+2 --
29 EBC 2W SPITHEAD D+1 3 stores coasters Same as EBC 2 EBC 2 D+2 --
32* EBC 3W SPITHEAD D+2 6 stores coasters Same as EBC 3 EBC 3 D+3 Preloaded stores coasters.
33* ECM 1 FALMOUTH and PLYMOUTH D+2 3 M.T. ships 107th EG ECM 1P
D+3 --
34* ECM 1P PORTLAND D+2 9 LST Same as ECM 1 ECM 1 D+3 --
35* ECM 1W SOLENT D+2 12 M.T. ships
Same as ECM 1 ECM 1 D+3 --
38* ECP 1 PLYMOUTH D+2 1 personnel ship 112th EG ECP 1P
D+3 --
39* ECP 1P PORTLAND D+2 2 personnel ships Same as ECP 1 ECP 1 D+3 --

*See page 3.

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Convoy Leave Date Approximate
Escort Join Arrive FRANCE (except where otherwise stated) Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
40* ECP 1W SOLENT D+2 4 personnel ships Same as ECP 1 ECP 1 D+3 --
43* EPL 2 PORTLAND D+3 9 LST 121st EG EPL 2W D+3 p.m. --
44* EPL 2W SOLENT D+3 5 LST Same as EPL 2 EPL 2 D+3 p.m. --
*NOTE: The above forecast should complete the initial outward convoys for the U.S. sector which arrive up to and including D+3 day. Thereafter the daily cycle will be represented by serials 25, 32 to 35 inclusive, 38, 39, 40, 43 and 44.

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Convoy Date Approximate Composition Escort Remarks
2 N.N. A.M. D day APA/LSI of U.S. Assault Forces As detailed by Assault Force Commander Sail by Forces as convenient. Destinations as given in ON 9.
4 F.P.L.1 D day 1st Tide. LST of U.S. Assault Forces As detailed by Assault Force Commander To PORTLAND. May sail in more than one group.
7 F.P.L.2 P.M. D day 2nd Tide LST of U.S. Assault Forces, 1 LSD As detailed by Assault Force Commander To SOUTHAMPTON and PORTLAND.
(See ON 9)
8 F.B.P.1A A.M. D+1 4 Personnel ships 111th E.G. to Position Z. Ex. E.B.P.1 joins F.B.P.1.B at position Z.
11 F.P.L.3 A.M. D+1 First half 3rd tide. LST of U.S. Forces. 105th E.G. To ISLE OF WIGHT and PORTLAND.
(see ON 10)
13 F.P.L.4 P.M. D+1 Remainder of 3rd Tide. LST of U.S. Forces. 136th E.G. To ISLE OF WIGHT and PORTLAND.
(see ON 10) (Assumes about 5 LST will be retained for casualty evacuation)
14 F.B.P.2A A.M. D+2 5 Personnel ships 112th and 113th E.G. Ex E.B.P. 2 joins F.B.P.2B at Position Z.
18 F.C.M.1 D+2 21 M.T. ships plus about 5 LST 106th E.G. Ex E.B.M.2 and LST retained for casualties. LST to PORTLAND.
20 F.B.C.1 D+2 About 18 Stores Coasters 137th E.G. Stores Coasters ex D day and D+1.
22 F.P.L.5 P.M. D+2 11 LST 123rd E.G. Ex E.C.P.1 and E.P.L.1.W
23 F.C.P.1 D+3 7 Personnel ships 112th E.G. Ex E.C.P.1, E.C.P.1.P and E.C.P.1.W.

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Convoy Date Approximate Composition Escort Remarks
25 F.C.M.2 D+3 16 M.T. ships. 15 LST. 107th E.G. Ex E.B.M.3. LST ex E.C.M.1.P. and E.C.M.1.W.
27 F.B.C.2.Y. D+3 First half of 32 M.T. coasters plus about 12 Stores Coasters. 138th E.G. Ex E.B.C.2 and E.B.C.2.W.
28 F.B.C.2.Z. D+3 Remainder of F.B.C.2.Y. 144th E.G. Ex E.P.C.2 and E.B.C.2.W.
30 F.P.L.6 P.M. D+3 14 LST 121st E.G. Ex E.P.L.2 and E.P.L.2.W.
32 F.C.P.2 D+4 7 Personnel ships 111th E.G. Ex E.C.P.2, E.C.P.2.P. and E.C.P.1.W.
34 F.C.M.3 D+4 15 M.T. ships plus 15 LST 108th E.G. Ex E.C.M.1 and E.C.M.1.W.
LST ex E.C.M.2.P. and E.C.M.2.W.
36 F.B.C.3 D+4 About 15 Stores Coasters 139th E.G. Ex E.B.C.3 and E.B.C.3.W.
38 F.P.L.7 P.M. D+4 14 LST 122nd E.G. Ex E.P.L.3 and E.P.L.3.W.
NOTES: (1) The above forecast is issued as a guide and is not intended to bind the Western Naval Task Force sailing authority.
(2) The decision as to whether to sail a convoy in two or more parts rests with the sailing authority, Assault Force Commanders & later the Far Shore Shuttle Control under NCWTF & FOWEST when directed.

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Day LCT LST M.T. Coasters Stores Coasters M.T. Ships
-- -- -- 18 21
84 11 32 10 16
64 15
-- 16 15
30 15
-- 16 15
5 16 15
5 16 15
-- 16 15
et. seq.
72 26 -- 16 15
NOTE: In addition about 6 large personnel ships and 9 LCI(L) will arrive daily off U.S. beaches.

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Type Force "O" Force "U" Total
Gross Net Gross Net Gross Net
LCM(3) 138 117 68 58 206 175
LCVP 172 141 88 70 260 211
LBV(2) 72 58 36 29 108 87
LBO 26 22 14 10 40 32
LBE 16 14 8 6 24 20
LBW 5 4 3 2 8 6
LBK 2 2 2 1 4 3
NOTES: (1) Only one-half of the net number of minor landing craft and 2/3 of the barges are expected to be working at any one time.
(2) The gross total of LCT(5) and (6) before the assault is 257 to be divided equally between U.S. and British sectors.

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